Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to Iidabashi 飯田橋へ戻り

By now I had the whole afternoon to kill, so by using the GPS on my phone I decided to go try and see a movie. The nearest station was Iidabashi on the JR Central Line, so I walked there. The landscape became more familiar, and I remembered schools and shops. Finally I emerged out of the jumble of streets and saw the building which encompasses the Tokyo International Youth Hostel where Chris and Mark and I stayed at in May. The bath is great. A little expensive but I recommend it to all. I wanted to get to Ikebukuro, partly because that's where my night bus would depart from and also because there seemed to be a few movie theatres there. For those that don't know me very well, I can get lost by walking in a straight line. That's why I wanted to go near a place that was near my departing bus station. Anyway, I was staring at the map above the ticket machine and trying to find the price for the station I was supposed to go to, according to my phone. I imagine my face resembled some kind of wrinkled angry white man. I wasn't angry, just wondering why I couldn't find the damn station on the map. A Japanese girl standing next to me asked me in English if I needed any help, and I showed her my phone and the route I wanted to take. The conversation quickly switched into Japanese, and she told me I needed to take the subway, not the JR line. I thanked her profusely, got the usual 'Your Japanese is so wonderful' comment, and happily received an incredulous look from her white boyfriend who had been standing there silent the whole time. Take that, whitey.
午後は全く暇 だったのでなんか映画を見ようと決めて携帯の 電航(ナヴィ)で探した。一番近い駅は中央線の飯田橋だったのでそこに歩いていった。あの学校を 見た事あるかその店を知っていると思うとかを考えて風景を段々覚えていた。結局道の森から出て朕とクリスとマークが泊まった若者低価旅館(ユースホステ ル)建物を見た。お風呂は素晴らしいよ。ちょっと高いけど皆に好評するよ。映画館が在るし朕が乗るバスがそこから出発するので池袋に行きたかったけど、理 由は僕は迷子だからバスが出発する駅に早く行きたかった。とにかく、どうやって行くって駅の地図を見ながら携帯の電航も見ていた。朕の顔は多分「起こって いる白人の男」だったかな。起こってなかったけどなんで地図で行きたい駅が見つかれないと理解できなかっただけ。隣に立っている日本人の女性が英語で「私 はなにか手伝えますか」と聞いて朕が携帯の画面を見せた。中央線じゃなくて地下鉄に乗ればすぐ到着するって教えてくれた。何回も「ありがとうございます」 と言って感謝した。普通「貴方の日本語は凄いですね」と解説した。そして朕が喜んで彼女の静かでそのまま立っていた白人の彼氏に疑い深い顔をしてもらっ た。それが好きでしょうね、白鬼。

So I excused myself and ducked into the adjacent building to take the subway. While reading that map, I was asked by a Malaysian guy on how to get to Tokyo Station. Since going there by subway would take two transfers, I suggested that we take the train, which we did and I brought him safely to Tokyo. Since that was done, I said goodbye and took the Central Line express to Shinjuku, transfer to Yamanote Line, get to Ikebukuro. Which was on the other side of Tokyo. Meh, so what, it was a nice thing to do. When we were transferring and waiting for another train, the guy without the flag in this picture had been on the rails doing something to the tracks. The look on his face was great as he was wondering when a high-speed train of death would approach and how much time he'd have to move out of the way.
「失礼します」と言ってから隣の建物に行って階段を下げるから地下鉄の販売機に進んだ。地下鉄の地図を 読みながらどうやって東京駅に行くと傍人のマレーシ ア人に尋ねられた。地下鉄で行けば2回乗り換えしなくちゃならなかったので電車で行こうと提議した。そうして安全的に彼を東京駅に連れて行った。それが終 わってからさよならと言って中央線の新宿行きの快速に乗って山手線で乗り換えして池袋に行った。東京の向こう側だったけど・・・まいや、優しかったから十 分でしょう。乗り換え中に写真で立っている旗を持っていない男の人は鉄道の修理とかをやっていた。快速轢死電車がいつ来るかなの顔をやっていたので本当に 面白かった。

Arriving in Ikebukuro, I walked around trying to find the damn movie theatre. I found the bus stop I would be departing from, but try as I might I kept on going in the wrong direction to get to the theatre. According to my phone I was getting close, so I went up another block, and then found I had gone too far. All right. Backtrack, take side street, come out on correct side of street. And there it was, and it had only taken like 45 minutes to walk 200m from the station! I approached the theatre eagerly - it looked small, but maybe good enough for the Yamato movie I wanted to see. I was only a few metres away, and looked up to see what was playing.
池袋に着いてその糞な映画館を探し歩いた。一関へ帰る為のバス停留所を見 つけたけど、幾らやってみても映画館が見つからなかった。携帯の電航によって段々 近くなってきていたので、もう少し進んで、また確認するとやっぱり行き過ぎた・・・ちょっと戻って、小さな路に入ってから正しい側に着いた。よーし、見つ けた!駅から約200メートルぐらい歩くのはただ45分掛かったな~ちょっと興奮して映画館の近くに着いた。ちょっと小さそうだってけど、見たかった「男 たちの大和」の映画は上映していたかな。もう前に立っていたので、上を見て看板でどんな映画が上映していたと認めた。

Right. Not only did I spend 45 minutes searching for what turned out to be a porn theatre, because of the holiday it was closed! Double unfair!

All right, fine. According to my phone there was another theatre across the railroad tracks. I went there, and failed to find it. I did see a guy with wild hair scouting two high school girls, though. Scouts hang around the busy stations and if they see a likely target, approach and attempt to get the girls to act in porn movies. It's a good way for high school girls to earn extra money.
はいはい、でもまだ諦めてないよ!携帯の情報によって鉄道の向う に他の映画館はありそうだった。そっちに行って又見つけられなかった。でも、狂っている髪 の毛の男が女子高生二人をスカウトしていた。込んでいる駅でスカウトさんが待って、いい的を見たらすぐ話し込んでエロ映画を作ると誘う。バイトより女子高 生によってお金がすぐ得られる。

Feeling a bit defeated, I charged my phone and laptop at a pillar outside of a Parco and hoped that there was a wireless network around that I could use. Of course, there wasn't.

I ended up packing my stuff and spent about four hours at this net cafe near the bus stop. Ah well, the girl at the front was nice. I met some crazy peopleon the elevator which was fun, but the ride home was pretty uneventful. And that was my trip to Tokyo, in three posts.
荷物を全部準備して四 時間ぐらいこちらのバス停留所の近くにあるネットカフェで過ごした。まいや、女性な店員さんは優しかった。上下機(じょうかき、エレ ベーター)で発狂している人達に会って楽しかったけど、バスで一関に帰るのはまあまあ書くことはないね。そして、三つの記事でそれは朕の東京旅だった。

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  • very nice, Is that one of those drink and "microwave" foods vending machines beside the theatre?

    Japan has the most kick ass vending machines.

    By Anonymous Alex, at 12/28/2005 9:17 PM  

  • Indeed they do. But I think that's just a regular drink machine although it probably has heated drinks and live newsfeeds.

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 12/29/2005 10:34 AM  

  • ははは・・・。東京を甘く見ちゃいけないよ。一人で迷子になっちゃったんだね。でも、無事に一関行きのバスに乗れてよかったね(^^)。

    By Anonymous 美爾依, at 12/30/2005 1:03 PM  

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