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Party and the Stomach Virus of Death 飲み会と死神の胃腸ばい菌

I've decided that I want to finish up my study of all the damn Joyo Kanji by next summer. Sure, I could wait until December to pass Level One of the JLPT, but I want it out of the way - it's been a pet project of mine ever since I found out there was a list of kanji that all Japanese people learned in school. It's Heisig Method time! I'm doing 4 a day from my wonderful Kanji Learner's Dictionary, but as I don't know how many I have left out of the 1945, whether I will make it by summer is unknown. I estimate that I know 1300 characters at the moment in Japanese, plus another hundred or so Chinese simplified and prewar variants. Which don't count.
来年の夏までは常用漢 字ったれの字ずつの意味を全部覚えたいと決めた。日本語能力試験1級を合格する為に走師まで待てるけどもういいから・・・日本人が学校で習う漢字表がある と知るから全部を勉強する計画があったよ。ヘイシッグ式万歳!朕の大事な漢英学習字典から毎日四つを勉強しているけど、常用漢字の1945字からの残りは 不明なので夏までに間に合えるかどうか分からない。今は日本語で1300字ぐらいは分かると思うし、中国語の簡体字と戦前の異体字も百ぐらい知っているか な。

On Friday night we all went out to an izakaya downtown. By the time everyone arrived there were about 10 of us. Omar, of course, went straight for the ladies. Here he prepares a back attack.

Targets change quickly though, provoking delightedness and utter jealousy in this example.

Omar picks up the tab. Where do his funds come from?

The answer is, of course, secret karaoke contests. A bit grainy, but you can still see the look of utter concentration on Omar's face as he contemplates his next move.

All right, enough picking on the poor guy. After finishing up karaoke at around 3 am, we all went home. I woke up to ... snow!

Lots of it, too! I was quite happy. Around lunch I made some yakisoba and then, having eaten too much, took a nap. When I woke up, my stomach felt ill. I tried to watch a movie, but I couldn't concentrate because of my stomach. So I thought, well, perhaps the alcohol from the night before got lost in my bloodstream and wants to come out now. I made my way over to the sink and threw up, thinking I would feel better.
一杯降ったね!実は嬉しかったよ。昼ごはんは焼きそばだった、そしてそれからはちょっと寝た。起きる時は腹が気持ち悪かった。映画を見てみたが、腹のせい で集中できなかった。まいや、昨晩の酒が脈で迷ってたから今までは出たくなかったかなと思って洗面台に言って吐いた。気持ちよくなるかなと思っていたから さ。

Well, I did feel better, for about two minutes. Then I threw up again, and the pain in my stomach worsened. I drank some juice. I threw that up. I drank tea. Tea, for God's sake! The worst was the apple juice. Ever throw up 500ml of cold apple juice? It's not pleasant. And I'm not even going to talk about the toilet. Let's just say whatever I drank that managed to make it through my gag reflex quickly left my body anyway.
少 し気持ちよくなったけど、2分ぐらいの間だけだった。それからまた吐いて腹がもっと痛くなった。果物汁をちょっと飲んだ。吐いた。お茶を飲んだ。お茶だけ だったよ!!最低はりんご汁だったけどさ。りんご汁を500ml吐いた事ある?気持ちよくないよ。そして便所については話さない。只・・・吐かない汁が他 の所から朕の体から出た。

So, it was almost 1 AM, I couldn't eat or drink and was in horrible stomach pain. I decided to go to the hospital. The doctor and nurses were all very nice and, well, motherly. I stayed the night and got a water IV since I was feeling dehydrated and couldn't keep water down. I got medicine and went home the next day, though I was still sick enough to throw up as soon as I walked in the door of my apartment.
も う夜1時ぐらいだったし、食べられなかったし飲めなかったし腹はすごく痛かった。病院に行くと決めた。医者さんと看護婦は大変優しかった・・・お母さんっ ぽい?入院してから一泊泊まって、まだ水が飲めなかったので水分の点滴をもらった。薬をもらって午後はうちに帰った(ありがとう、禎子!)けど、帰ったば かりはまた洗面台に吐いた。いいね。

Then two women from my English class came over and not only brought me a hot ginger drink that made me feel better, but also cleaned my apartment and tucked me into bed. By strange coincidence, one of them is the exact same age as my mom, and has a son my age away in Saitama. I think that's one contributing reason.
それから朕の英会話から二人のお嬢様が来て腹の痛みを消す生姜の飲み物を作ってくれた。それ以上はお布団を設定してくれてアパートを掃除してくれた!!ご めんなさい!!!変な偶然だけど、一人は自分のお母さんと同年だし、朕と同年の息子が居るそうだ。それは、世話してくれるの理由の一つだと思う。

By the way, I'm making plans to go to Hong Kong in January. Already got my 'Cantonese for Beginners' book ... Chris, you just wait!

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  • Bring it on!
    Although I know more mandarin than cantonese now. hehe. I will surpass you there! I'm taking the next term course.

    Was the "ginger drink" you had 生姜湯? I fucking love that stuff. It's like Japanese NeoCitron (which I love even more).

    By Anonymous Chris, at 12/11/2005 2:30 AM  

  • Actually yes it was! It's great, isn't it. And the whole time the moms apologized for making me drink such a horrid-tasting substance. Huh? Mmm, NeoCitron ... all the classic anti-cold stuff is great. I want chicken soup.

    Taking the second term course? All right! In that case we can start harassing each other in hanzi. 你想用中文的名字?

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 12/11/2005 8:46 AM  

  • You already have snow!? I'm jealous. It's still a mean 10(Celsius) in Tokyo.

    By Anonymous Russ McMackin, at 12/11/2005 8:49 PM  

  • Hah! You want some? I'll send a thermos down to you. Although I did have fun playing in the snow today with kids from an elementary school way out in the country.

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 12/12/2005 9:10 PM  

  • oooooh! That's a great idea! I'm totally going to start snowball fights with kids outside whenever it gets down to tokyo. Or adults.

    By Anonymous Russ McMackin, at 12/12/2005 11:53 PM  

  • Be warned that you will be a huge target. I had my glasses knocked off my face by a ravenous group of fourth-graders. Girls. And they laughed. Seriously though, great fun. You should bring some snow on the train - < calvin> ironically, commuters never expect to be hit with a snowball inside the carriage! < /calvin>

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 12/13/2005 7:19 AM  

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