Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just A Normal Entry 只の普通な記事

After a few weeks of procrastination, I finally started to make some curry. I had more than enough chicken, seen here, frozen. Damn that's hard to cut. Easier than if it was raw, but still. I bought a bunch of potatoes a few months ago from a little store, and if you peel the skin then you've got a nice layer of green. Which means poison. Normally I leave the skin on and just take out the eyes, but this time I had to peel all the potatoes ... sigh. I compensated with lots of onion and garlic, and sesame seeds. I love sesame.

This is a notice I saw on a bus. It reads as "For your safety, securely lock your doors! Get into the habit when you leave the house. I still remember when I was young in my Canadian hometown, we'd never lock our doors, though my the time I was almost done in elementary school we had gotten into the habit.

The school I was at still had posters that the students made about other countries during their bit of international study. I did this is Grade 4 and had to do Italy. If only I had been given Japan or China then ... heh. Golf is now an English sport, by the way.

Hurrah for China! 中華万歳!

There really is no organized snow removal here. I saw one woman shovelling the snow from her driveway and ... throwing it into the middle of the road. This picture was taken near the big supermarket I live by. Vehicular traffic has (I think) created a large snow boulder in the middle of the road.

On Thursday night I went out to an onsen with Manga Girl. It was nice, except I was a little surprised that there was no outdoor bath. Because it was separated by sex, we agreed to meet back in the lobby's rest area (pictured) after half an hour. Problem was, I thought half an hour started after entering the bath; she thought it began after entering the changeroom. Ah well.

Out at the Japan-Style School, we were just having a 'Play Day' of sorts with the younger grades, in which I wouldn't actually teach anything, but instead introduce 'Canadian games'. A little 7-up went well, but then I took everyone to the gym for everyone's favourite - dodgeball! To make things evil, I gave them two balls to throw instead of one. When our time was up, we prepared to leave ... except that the gym doors had locked automatically!

I have my keitai on me at all times, so I just called the office to send someone to let us out.

Later that day the kids went around the school seeing what magnets would stick to. They all had cute horseshoe magnets - no utilitarian bar magnets here!

After the day was done at the school I returned to the office and managed to talk to the other city ALT for the rest of the afternoon without complaining about Japan. I also gave out chocolate-covered almonds to the staff and told them to watch out for demons. Walking home I jumped into a snow-filled rice field.

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  • I can't get over it... I am loving the beard!

    And congrats on the not complaining about Japan... I know it's hard for you ;)

    By Anonymous Chris, at 2/06/2006 3:03 AM  

  • You remind me of those Outdoor Education guys at Camp Kerney or Hillside from my elementary school memories.

    By Anonymous Charlene, at 2/06/2006 6:44 AM  

  • Professorship, here I come.

    School memories? You mean the ones you surpressed?

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 2/06/2006 7:28 AM  

  • nice beard patrick


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/06/2006 9:26 AM  

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