Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today's Adventure 今日の冒険

Around midday I went downtown to find a place called Daihoku Securities, which is an investment firm (I think). I figure that since I have a job I should invest, and since oil is going nowhere but up ... and hey, if Alex can have Avex stock, then so can I! First off though, since I am constantly worried about my bank balance, I stopped by the bank to check out how much I have left in my account. When I was leaving, this guy from Hachiouji near Tokyo (according to his license plate) just stopped in the driveway and left the engine running! I swear, Japan has some of the worst drivers. Double parking is the norm here. And they ignore the stop lines on the road! Bastards!

昼 間ぐらい大北証券という証券会社(だと思 う)を探す為に下町に行った。仕事があるから投資しようと思って、石油は上に行くしかないから・・・そして、も しアレハンドロはエイベックスの株券が持てたら僕も出来る!まずはいつでも講座の残高について心配しているから調べる為に銀行で止まった。出る時にこのプ レートによって八王子の男の人が路で止まってエンジンを消さずにそのまま置いた!日本は本当に悪い運転手が一杯居る。二重注射はここで普通な事だ。そして 道の止まれ線も無視する!!畜生野郎等!

So, as I headed downtown, I kept on the lookout for interesting things for everyone's benefit. There are two major roads to the city centre, and when I go down the second one, I pass by this abandoned store. There are a lot of "For Rent" or "Searching for Tenant" signs in Ichinoseki. I could buy a building and open a store pretty easily. Problem is I'd go bankrupt, but hey. I think the city should buy up all the obviously abandoned property and turn it into either green space or resell it at a very cheap price so that ordinary people actually have a chance to buy some land and build a house.

では、下町に行きながら皆の為に面白い物を探した。市中行きは二つの 中央道がある、そして二番目を使う時、この廃店を見 る。一関で「貸店舗」と「テナント 募集中」の看板が一杯ある。僕は簡単的に建物を買って店を開ける事ができる。問題はすぐ破産者になるけどさ。市政が荒れている土地を買って公園を作るべき か市民が安くて買えて家を建つ為に安くて売る方がいいと思う。

This is the view from the Kitanobashi, on the second major road. Behold the majestic River Iwai!

So I eventually made it downtown and found the investment place, which was closed because it's Saturday. I was kind of hoping it would be open so I could ask some questions. Monday is a holiday (again) but maybe they'll be open. If not I'll just head out after school one day. Not that I have any money until payday anyway right.


Being in an area called Shin Omachi for the first time, I decided to explore. I found this place which I thought was a weird hostess bar where they serve you chemicals, but it turned out to be just the building name. The building itself is subdivided into bars. Which serve hard alcohol. So it's kind of the same thing, isn't it. Next to it is the local Communist Party headquarters. I'd probably vote Communist because they're the only party in Japan that actually cares about change. Keep in mind that radical leftism in Japan doesn't even come close to the NDP. I also found this park with strange spherical torture devices.

新 大町という地域に初めて居るので探検すると決めた。この建物は変な化学液を出すスナックだと思っていたけど、ただ名前だけだった。実はバーと居酒屋が 入っている。酒を出すバー。じゃ、同じ事だよね。隣は共産党の事務所だ。日本の社会を進む党は共産党しかないと思うので投票すれば多分共産党を選ぶ。しか し、日本の過激左派はカナダの新民主主義党と全く違う。後は変な拷問球が有る公園も見つけた。

Lots of apartments for rent. Average rent is four to five hundred dollars depending on floor space, with apartments as large as mine coming into that price range. Not too bad.


This is for you, Tony. Interested in becoming a host?

Found a church for all the Brazilians.

Maybe this is Spanish and I'm wrong, but if I'm right and it's French, then it's not enough to butcher English, the Japanese have to do it to French too. Isn't it supposed to be Les Deux?

So yeah. That's what I did today.

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  • So yeah, That says:
    "Evangelist church"
    "Jesus Christ"
    "Our Lord"

    BTW: how much would it cost to buy one of those abandoned stores...AND what the hell do they mean by 39.7 meters are they talking about square meters?

    Host? what host? we are talking about the porn industry and the real cash in the asian underworld here...

    Alright cool That's all for me for now... ^_^;

    By Anonymous Alex, at 10/09/2005 10:37 AM  

  • 君のブログをWebCTのリンクに載せて、生徒に紹介してもいい?とっても面白い写真がいっぱいだから、生徒は喜ぶと思うよ。



    By Anonymous 美爾依, at 10/09/2005 2:04 PM  

  • うん、どうぞ、載せて下さい。そうそう、MacMasterに行った。

    Hah, yeah, it has yakuza written all over it. According to one guy I know all the loan companies like Aiful and Dick (have to take a picture of that one!) are run by the yakuza as well. I should invest in them, they appear to be raking in cash. As for the prices, I shall investigate.

    By Blogger 羽之助, at 10/10/2005 1:27 AM  

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